Sacred Heart Minstry Leaders Contact List  
Altar Servers Linda Pina [email protected] 830-995-3708
Altar Society Janice Pfeiffer [email protected] 830-995-3777
Environment Amber Mallette [email protected] 1-210-771-6755
Bereavement Loving Care Barb Zoeller [email protected] 830-995-3581
Bldg & Grnds Maintenance Gene Persyn [email protected] 830-285-4808
Bulletin Nidia Godinez [email protected] 830-995-3708
  Graciela Garcia [email protected] 1-210-904-5291
Choir Eng Rose Burchart [email protected] 1-763-412-8618
Choir Sp Beto Angel [email protected] 1-210-215-5715
Collection Counters Barbara Prossen [email protected] 1-515-992-9250
Cursillo Movimento Pedro & Monica Fernandez [email protected] 830-995-4027
Cursillo Ultreya Graciela Garcia [email protected] 1-210-904-5291
Eucharistic Ministers Eng Linda Pina [email protected] 830-995-3708
Eucharistic Ministers Sp Pedro Fernandez [email protected] 830-995-4027
Eucharist to the Sick Eng Mary Durate [email protected] 830-370-1791
Eucharistic to the Sick Sp Paz Mendoza   830-995-2516
Festival Carmen Lozano [email protected] 1-210-854-0217
Festival Raffle Chata Carlos [email protected] 830-353-4535
Finance Council Frank Martinez [email protected] 1-210-274-6832
Guadalupanos Carmen Lozano [email protected] 1-210-854-0217
Information Tech Dan White [email protected] 830-377-1511
Knights of Columbus Dan White [email protected] 830-377-1511
Lectors Eng Barb Lindner [email protected] 830-995-3149
Lectors Sp Pedro Fernandez [email protected] 830-995-4027
Liturgy Scheduling Gabriela Hernandez [email protected] 830-431-5111
Pastoral Council      
Religious Education Linda Pina [email protected] 830-995-3708
RCIA Linda Pina/The Vogels’ [email protected] 830-995-3708
Ushers Eng Linda Pina [email protected] 830-995-3708
Ushers Sp Juan De Leon [email protected] 830-995-3104