Pastoral Council

The main purpose of the Pastoral Council is in a consultative role to the Pastor.  The Pastoral Council shall assist in the following:

  • Investigate matters pertinent to the pastor of the church.
  • Reflect on matters of discussions, pray, analyze pros and cons
  • Recommend and provide ideas or solutions that are wise, good and prudent.

Pastoral Council Officers:

Chairperson - Brad Day

Vice Chairperson - Mike Webb

Secretary - Maria Hernandez


Ann Butrico

Norma Barbour

Alvaro Hernandez

The Pastoral Council is composed of six (6) laypersons either appointed by the pastor or elected, at least 18 years of age, who are members of the parish and actively living their faith.  

The Pastoral Council meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 6:00 pm in the church office. Please advise the Pastoral Council if there are any topics you want discussed at the meetings, or if you would like to make a presentation and the council will include it on the agenda. Contact the church office at 830-995-3708.